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Friday, February 19, 2016

Conversation at our House...Grammar

This conversation occurred several years ago, but it's still a fairly common occurrence at our house.

The Brother: "...and then she write it!"
The Boy: "No, it's 'and then she wrote it'."
The Doctor: "That's right E. That's correct."
The Boy: "I know, but I really want to correct Mom sometimes."
The Doctor: "So do I."
The Boy: "But, it's like, impossible."

My mom taught English and always corrected us as we were growing up. I have an English degree and haven't taught, but I often gently correcting my boys (and on occasion, my husband, much to his dismay). It's a curse. It's worth it, though, when I hear The Boy say things like, "he did well" rather than "he did good." He's started pushing back a bit at me though when I do correct him. I know it's a teenage thing.

I just have to be careful about correcting everyone else! I really struggle sometimes with some of the newsletters and notes that the teachers send home. And yes, we do have the Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar Rock video!


  1. You don't have to publish this but you'll appreciate that I read this article and the thrust of the article was secondary to me because all I could do was shudder at Jeb Bush's grammar - LOLOL


  2. My son has an English degree as well and he's always correcting me. And here I thought I used good grammar.