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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Oys & Joys...Spotlight

About the book:
Peaks & Valleys, Rain & Rainbows, Oys* & Joys. That’s life!

Sometimes, when you reach the back side of middle age, the past and the secrets it harbors, collides with the present. And secrets never die quietly.

Meet The Oys & Joys—Lizzie, Grace, Sassie and Ruby—baby boomers tied together with the strength of their steel-laced friendships. Until they’re forced to confront a decades old betrayal, and the tragic consequences threatening to sever the trust between them.

Four women, who step into the crossroads between choosing action or forever facing regret—and define their moment by revisiting their past to embrace their future. Their journey, seasoned with their hearts and souls and hey, an abundance of humor, includes attempted murder (oops), DNA surprises (who knew?), boatless boat slips (damn, he got the boat), and sexual awakenings (yes, at their age). Oh, and then there’s the pole dancing for seniors.

About the author:
Marcia Feldt isn't a New York Times bestselling author -- The Oys & Joys being her debut novel and only recently released. But definitely high up there on her Bubble Bath List! Marcia graduated from UCLA, worked in Public Accounting (CPA), and when her entrepreneurial spirit came knocking, founded Feldt Personnel Consultants where she matched candidates to new career opportunities. After selling her business, she dabbled in real estate, built a lake house and started to write. And write and write. Then shattering events bombarded her life and one day, after many days, she started to write again. The Oys & Joys sang to her and the ladies insisted she write their story. Marcia lives in Austin, Texas, sometimes at Lake Conroe, and enjoys a blended family of three married daughters, three grandchildren, and six dogs.

Thanks to the author for the opportunity to spotlight her book. You can learn more about Marcia Feldt on her website, Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase your own copy here.

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  1. Thanks for the review. A book and author both new to me.