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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekend Reflections 2/20

Looking outside....it's overcast  and about 36 degrees. It rained a bit yesterday. It's chilly, but you can tell Spring is coming.

Listening...to a music mix with headphones while I work on the computer. Current song is Styx Show Me The Way. No, that just ended, now it's Night Ranger Sister Christian. The Doctor is at work. The Boy is doing homework so he can golf later and The Artist is still asleep. 

Loving...that our boys talk to us. About life, about school, about funny things found on the internet or shows they watch. 

Thinking...that I need to get moving and busy.

In my kitchen...I am enjoying my morning cup of hot chocolate. 

Wearing...BSU pajama pants and a black turtleneck with black slippers.

Needing...to work on my editing project. It's that time of year again.

Reading...I have stacks that I should be reading. 

Today...a bit of this and that. 

Hoping...that The Doctor can do some work on my back when he gets home from work. Love the perks of being married to a chiropractor.

Planning...to figure out why the dishwasher won't work. There's always something.

Gratitude...for amazing kids. The Boy and I had a great conversation yesterday as we were getting dinner ready. It spanned multiple subjects including dating and post-high school plans. I think our boys are terrific, but I realized again yesterday that The Boy is truly a great kid. I am so proud of him.

From my world... 

My shopping lists always get things added to them. Usually normal things like: hairspray, deodorant, bbq chips. Quite regularly, the word "puppy" shows up. My boys are on a mission. They're relentless.

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?


  1. My week has been a busy one. We're trying to close on our house, furniture shop and prepare the kids for attending a new school and having to start over with making friends. Our weather is currently gloomy with snow clouds, but no snow. Fingers crossed that we get a few flakes before the weekend is over!

    1. Moving and starting over is so hard, especially on kids. Good luck! Snow clouds with no actual snow is always a bummer. Thanks for stopping by!