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Thursday, June 23, 2016

#CoverCrush: The Woman from Paris

I will freely admit that I judge books by their covers. The cover is usually what first captures my attention when browsing Goodreads or Netgalley. Actually, in all honesty, it isn't just usually, it's pretty much all the time. The cover determines if I look at the synopsis and reviews.

I love Paris. I have such fond memories of Paris. I would love to spend time there, even live there for a time and just take in all she has to offer. The cover of this book invokes a carefree feeling, a woman walking home from the market, swinging her bag and laughing. As she stands on a corner or pauses, her feet show a bit of uncertainty: what direction will she take? Will she go directly home or will she stroll for a bit and enjoy the day? What is in store for her?

What about you? Any book covers capture your attention this week?

Cover Crush is a weekly series that originated with Erin at Flashlight Commentary. If you want to check out some other terrific bloggers and what their Cover Crush posts look like, you can do that here: The Maiden's Court, Flashlight Commentary, A Bookaholic SwedeLayered Pages.

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