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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Conversation at Our House...Elephants

The Brother has always loved animals. Especially elephants. Even now, as a teenager, he still loves elephants. He is self taught in all of his knowledge and can spout details on a whim. He's really fun to take to the zoo.

J: “I wish I could be an elephant.”
M: “Where would you live?”
J: “Down here, in the living room.”
M: “Wouldn’t you want to live in Africa?”
J (indignantly): “Mom! I wouldn’t have a herd in Africa, I’d be by myself. I’d get eaten by a lion.”
M: “Well, you can stay here then and we can be your herd.”
J (indignantly): “Mom! People don’t live in herds, they live in groups. Other animals live in herds. Humans live in groups, you know, like baboons.”

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  1. :D Best conversation ever! Thanks for sharing it...I needed a laugh today.