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Friday, October 20, 2017

10 Years Blogging!

I started this blog on October 19, 2007. That's 10 years ago, yesterday. My very first post was a review of Persuasion. In fact, most of those first reviews were of books I'd already read.

I did not get into this for the reviewing or the books. I started this book blog because I couldn't remember books that I'd read. Once I discovered Goodreads, that changed, but by then, I'd gotten used to blogging and reviewing and free books. I fell into the reviewing part of blogging by accident. I discovered other book blogs and I began participating in reading challenges. I found weekly recurring posts like Sunday Salon, Booking Through Thursday, What's on Your Nightstand.

I will forever be grateful to those people who hosted challenges and weekly memes. Because of them, I met other bookish people and I learned that publishers and authors will send you books to review. That was so cool!

I think the first actual book I read that came from an author was in June of 2008.

At first, I accepted nearly every book I was offered, because it was a novelty and I wanted to get more exposure as a reviewer. I quickly learned what genres I preferred and what I did and didn't like in reading.

I started tracking my book stats in 2009. My high was 163 books read in 2010. Holy book alert Batman! Obviously that was a lot, even for a "professional" reader. Not that I'd classify myself that way. My reading dropped after that with my all-time low being 2016. I read a whopping 18 books last year. We'll see how I end 2017.

2017 = 11
2016 = 18
2015 = 39 (1 DNF)
2014 = 74 (2 DNF)
2013 = 76 (3 DNF)
2012 = 113 (2 DNF)
2011 = 160 (5 DNF)
2010 = 163 (11 DNF)
2009 = 128 (3 DNF)

I think I got burned out. I've decided that I hate reading for deadlines, so I stopped accepting books with scheduled tours. I have also become more discerning and only accept/request books that truly interest me.

Before reviewing, I didn't pay much attention to new releases or specific authors. I just found books in the library or at used bookstores that interested me and I read them. Blogging put more books on my radar and as social media came into play, that put authors on my radar. Social media has given reviewers a fantastic opportunity to interact more with each other, with publishers and with authors. And, I'm happy to say that, for the most part, readers on social media tend to be nicer than the general public. Oh, you get your occasional troll and I've discovered authors I won't reread because of their thin skin and volatile opinions. But, I have met some amazing people and formed friendships I cherish. Acquaintances and friendships I never would have found, if not for blogging.


I finally joined Twitter in 2014 and created a 2 Kids and Tired Facebook page last year. I've become more adept at social media, and I'm not as concerned about blog stats as I used to be.

Today I do a few weekly and monthly posts with a group of bloggers who have become cherished friends. I do some recurring posts on my own. I have started talking about things other than books. My Weekend Reflections posts are more personal as are some of my Пятница Ponderings posts. I still love to write and I appreciate the outlet blogging has given me to do that, even if it more sporadic than steady these days.

After resisting for several years, I acquired a tablet and the Kindle App. I prefer print books, but I adore the convenience of ebooks. The Doctor is allowed to say, "I told you so".

I don't have as many DNF books because I think I'm more discerning in what I choose to read now. I tend to stay within certain genres, but I'm not above branching out if a book really catches my eye or I trust the recommendations.

I've seen the good and bad of the Internets over the last 10 years and how people behave when they have some anonymity behind a keyboard. Blogging has brought me stress, but also a great deal of joy. I've discovered so many new books and authors and I have made some fantastic friends.

For however long you've been here with me, I thank you. For reading. For commenting. For befriending. For sharing.

Here's to another 10!


  1. aaaaah!! Congrats, that's amazing! Persuasion is my favorite Austen, too.

  2. This remains the only blog in my bookmarks bar which I can click on without having to scroll through lists to find it. It's always refreshing when I pop by for a visit - sometimes multiple times a week or, sometimes, once or twice a month. Keep it up!

  3. Congrats. I miss your frequent reviews but since my numbers of books read show a similar pattern, I get it.

  4. Congrats on making it to your 10-year blogiversary! That's awesome.