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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Books I Have Forgotten

Each month I revisit some of my past reviews. One of the reasons I started this book blog was to remember what books I have read. My memory isn't the greatest anymore and I found that I would read a book and then not remember if I liked it or what it was even about.

Maybe one of these will prompt you to seek out an older, but amazing book. Or, if you've read one of these and your review was different, please share!


Crossing on the Paris by Dana Gynther
3/5 Stars

"This is a story I enjoyed and yet I didn't love it. There were a couple of scenes that made me uncomfortable, but I understand why they were there. Some parts I skimmed and others I absorbed. Constance, Julie and Vera all come together towards the end of the book and their story is one that will resonate with many women who understand the need and longing many of us have to connect with one another. It's not the most happiest of books and the ending surprised me a bit, but it fit with the story."

I don't remember anything about this. At all.

Courting Cate by Leslie Gould
3/5 Stars

"There were times when I almost felt like this was part of an established series, rather than the first in a new series with some of the character discussions and explanations. While I can appreciate the Taming of the Shrew theme here, this was one that I almost didn't finish, because I just didn't like some of the secondary characters and their treatment of Cate. I will look into the rest of the series and hope future books capture my attention more than this one did as sometimes happens with series'."

About the only thing I can remember about this book is that I didn't love it enough to pick up the rest.

Lola's Secret by Monica McInerney
4/5 Stars

"A sequel to The Alphabet Sisters, this stands alone well. Reading a series in order always makes for a richer story, but I hadn't read the first one and there was enough back story given here that I didn't feel like I'd missed much. Perhaps reading the first story would have given me some sympathy toward Geraldine because I really didn't like her! A charming, thoughtful story. Loved the Australian setting."

Apparently I enjoyed it. Wish I could remember it.


What about you? What are some of the books you've read in previous years?

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