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Saturday, November 25, 2017

#WeekendReflections 11/25

Looking outside...it's a bit overcast, but not too cold. Currently, it's about 45.

Listening...to the family. Talking laughing. Hearing about The Boy's shift at work last night. The Doctor saw patients at the office this morning and is having lunch. We are finishing up decorating the Christmas tree. Ice Age Christmas is on the TV. It's very much us. Now we're moving on to The Santa Clause, which is the traditional movie to watch while we decorate the tree.

Loving...that my family is together. 

Thinking...that I have some errands to run today.

In my kitchen...Not sure yet about dinner. We're enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers.

Wearing...fuzzy yellow minion jammies, cream turtleneck and gray fuzzy socks.

Reading...Still working on the same ones as I have been for the last two weeks: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown and The Confectioner's Tale by Laura Madeleine. I still need to finish the review for The Room on Rue Amélie by Kristin Harmel. Reading for review is not a priority rightnow.

Today...We're decorating for Christmas. I love the Christmas season.


Feeling...tired, but happy that everyone is home today. We had a quiet Thanksgiving here this week. Alan's cousin and her son were with us. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I love our traditions. I enjoy big family gatherings, but I love small ones too. I didn't take any pictures. I should have. That turkey was gorgeous and tasted amazing. 

Planning...this week. 

Gratitude...for my family. For love and laughter. For traditions that have become important to my children as well. 

From my world... 

Who needs an angel on top of your Christmas tree, when you can have King Ghidorah?

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?

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