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Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Wrap-Up

11 books. That's all. I read 11 books this year for review and two of those reviews won't be published until 2018.

But of the 11, I read? I enjoyed nearly all of them.

Favorites for this year:


The Last Neanderthal

The Atomic City Girls
The Room on Rue Amelie

The Life She Was Given
The Bookshop on the Corner

This year there was only one disappointment. I had high hopes for it because the premise was terrific. The execution, not so much.

An Extraordinary Union

This is the lowest number of books read since I started reviewing online. I've read more books that these 11, because I can't not read. But much of my reading has been rereading old favorites or fanfiction. Things I can enjoy without the pressure of reading for review.

I've kept up with my recurring posts: Cover Crush, Whimsy Wednesday, 5 Books I Want to Read, Books I Have Forgotten, etc.

I have also written some more personal posts this year as well as continued my Weekend Reflections posts and in them I've shared that this year has been challenging. And it has.

So reading with the pressure to review has not been something I have wanted to do. However, I am hopeful for a better reading year in 2018.

Thank you for visiting, for commenting, for following this year.

What about you? What was your favorite book for 2017?


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your reads. Happy New Year!

  2. I read and loved Leonard and The Bookshop on the Corner, too. And I'm hoping to read The Atomic City Girls soonly. Happy New Year! :)

  3. I get what you mean about reading without the pressure to review. Instead of old fan fiction I've been reading trashy Kindle freebies, most of which were worth what I paid for them. Totally mindless and nothing I want to publish reviews of with my name (even blogger name) on.