So here's my deal.  The FTC has rules and wants me to let you know that most of these reviews on this blog are mine.  A few reviews are from my husband, The Doctor and some are from my son, The Boy.  When I receive a book I think one of them will like, I offer it to them for review.  Sometimes I read it as well.  Sometimes they just read a book on their own and offer a review to me for the blog.  I think it adds variety.

We are under no obligation to give positive reviews.  All reviews are our honest opinions and you will find both positive and negative reviews here. 

Some books are provided to me by the author or publisher.  Some I've purchased and many I get from the library.  Every post states where/how the book was obtained.

I receive no money for writing reviews.  I simply like to read and I enjoy writing.

There you have it.