PreviewI haven't always done star ratings, but recently decided to add them.  I'm going back through old posts as I have time and adding the star rating.  I post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon which have star ratings and sometimes it's nice to see those ratings on blogs as well.  I see a lot of bloggers who give 5 stars to everything they like.  I don't.

* * * * *
5 Stars are rare.  They are books that I think are amazing or that move me beyond words.

* * * *
4 Stars are books I loved.  They are books that will probably go on my shelves.

* * *
3 Stars are the norm.  They are books I enjoyed, liked, whatever.  There might be issues with them, but I liked them anyway.

* *
2 Stars are books I really didn't care for or books that were simply ok.

1 Star books are books I hated or didn't finish for whatever reason.