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Monday, December 10, 2007

Alice's Tulips...Review

About the book:
Alice Bullock is a young newlywed whose husband, Charlie, has just joined the Union Army, leaving her on his Iowa farm with only his formidable mother for company. Alice writes lively letters to her sister filled with accounts of local quilting bees, the rigors of farm life, and the customs of small-town America. But no town is too small for intrigue and treachery, and when Alice finds herself accused of murder, she discovers her own hidden strengths. Rich in details of quilting, Civil War-era America, and the realities of a woman's life in the nineteenth century, Alice's Tulips is Sandra Dallas at her best.

I enjoyed it. Sandra Dallas does a great job of capturing the feeling of family relationships. It's written in the form of letters from one sister to another, during the Civil War.

The insights into the lives of those left behind when soldiers went to war was fascinating. But, what I loved most was the details about quilting and the history of some quilt patterns. A good, easy read.

Read 12/07

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3/5 Stars

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