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Monday, December 9, 2013

Reviewing Burnout

Many of you might have noticed a lack of posting on my blog or visiting other blogs.  Here's my confession: I haven't read a book since October.  That is seriously unheard of for me.  I have just reached a point of reviewing burnout.  As much as I love reading and reviewing, I've gotten to the point where I don't love reviewing to a deadline.

I love to read and I want to get back to the enjoyment of reading, rather than the drudgery that sometimes comes with reviewing.  I have a backlog of reviews that I have committed to and I apologize to those authors and publicists.  I appreciate your willingness to have sent me books and scheduled blog tours with the expectation that reviews will be posted. Rest assured, I will read those books and I will post my reviews, I just can't guarantee when that will be.   My life has its challenges right now and I don't have the emotional energy necessary to continue reviewing to deadlines.  I apologize and ask for your patience.

I'm not accepting new books for review unless I know I will get them read in a timely manner.  I will try and get back to visiting and commenting as well.  Google Reader going away seriously put a dampener on my blog reading and I went to Feedly, but I have to make an effort to go there, where Reader was just part of my Google account, so visiting and commenting was definitely affected.

I am not going anywhere and I will continue to read and hope to get back to regular reviewing.  But for now, I am going to read on my own time and schedule and for my own enjoyment.

Thank you for your visits and comments and recommendations.  And thank you for your friendships.  I wish you all a happy and blessed holiday season!