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I am having vision issues which are terrifying to someone whose work and interests lie in reading and writing. Because of this, I am falling behind in some of my reviewing commitments and ask for your support and patience.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A blanket, chocolate, and...

Last year about this same time, I came down with a nasty case of pink-eye. Conjunctivitis if you want to get technical. Boy, does it hurt. I spent a cozy day wrapped in a blanket with some cocoa and Mr. Darcy.

Right on cue, I have it again. I'm hoping it's not the contagious kind, but just the allergy kind. My allergies have been miserable and we had a wicked windstorm yesterday. I was out in it for a bit and I hope my eyes are simply irritated. We'll see. It sure hurts. I have my prescription from last time, so hopefully it helps.

However, since I have the house to myself for awhile, I'm going to indulge in some recovery time.

I have my favorite Austen film adaptations. But who do I choose? Mr. Darcy? Captain Wentworth? Edward Ferrars? Oh the choices...


  1. Colonel Brandon is my favorite. =)

  2. I have to vote for Mr. Darcy. Now you have me thinking I should spend the day tomorrow curled up watching P&P. Yep, think I will. I hope you don't have pink eye. That stuff is all kinds of yuck.

  3. I love Colonel Brandon too.

    And, yes, I voted for Mr. Darcy. I always do...sigh.


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