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Monday, August 11, 2008

Il Gigante...Review

About the book:
This is the story of twelve years when war, plague, famine, and chaos made their mark on a volatile Italy, and when a young, erratic genius, Michelangelo Buonarroti, made his first great statue - the David. It was to become a symbol, not only of the independence and defiance of the city of Florence, but also of the tortured soul who created it. This is a history of the artist, his times, and one of his most magnificent works.

An interesting read. I found this one to be more of a history of art and the early renaissance, rather than a complete focus on Michelangelo. There are details of his creation of the David, and a nice selection of pictures. (He's much better in person though...)

An interesting review of the time and era of Florence at the turn of the 16th century: not only a time of flourishing art, but a time of intrigue and politics.

An interesting, but not memorable read.

I read my personal copy, but you can purchase your own here.

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3/5 Stars

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