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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


About the book:
B.J. Hoff, one of CBA's premier writers brings this riveting historical fiction series that meticulously depicts nineteenth century America. Prelude transports you to nineteenth-century New York and invites you to step into another time--a time that shaped a nation and defined her faith. This lively story carries you from immigrant ships to opulent estates, from skating-rink evangelistic crusades to star-studded concert halls, and introducing you to men and women you'll grow to love: a brooding blind musician, his suspicious but sympathetic sister-in-law, an unlikely pair of medical partners, and a struggling immigrant family. Pulsing with romance and intrigue, shining with artistry and faith, Prelude sounds the opening notes of a tale with a voice as big as America.

Set in 19th century America, with visits to Ireland, this was a fairly compelling story. There are several stories and subplots, some of which intertwine, so it's hard to name one main protagonist. Susanna leaves Ireland and comes to America to live with her brother-in-law and care for her niece, after her sister's death. Everything she ever heard about her brother-in-law, painted him as an unkind madman. Who she finds, causes her to see her late sister differently.

Andrew Carmichael is a lonely physician with a love of healing. As he finds his way through the teeming immigrant neighborhoods of New York, he meets a young woman doctor who shares his love of medicine and helping others.

The McGovern family travel in steerage from Ireland to America, leaving one son behind and nearly losing another from illness. They bring with them a ragged street urchin who learns about the love of God as she grows to love the people who provided her an opportunity above all others.

The ending is rather abrupt and I wish there was more, but this is the first of a series and introduces these characters whose story lines will no doubt be continued in future books.

B.J. Hoff has a remarkable way with words. This was an easy, enjoyable book to read. Her characters are compelling and it will be interesting to see how they progress in their future stories.

Thanks to my local library for having a copy I could borrow.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read 1/09

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3/5 Stars

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