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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Red Siren...Review

About the book:
You'll be swept away by this latest historical romance by bestselling author M. L. Tyndall. Faith Westcott is a lady by day and a pirate by night. Can she garner the riches she so desperately needs before her secret is revealed? Captain Dajon Waite is determined to catch the fiery redhead who has been pillaging the Carolina coast. When Faith invites his courtship, she hopes his infatuation will shield her true identity and keep other suitors at bay. Can the love of a godly captain win her heart, or will she be forced to marry Sir Wilhelm Carteret, a man obsessed with taking her to wife?

 After her mother's death, and after her tyrant of a father marries off her eldest sister to a lecherous man who will ultimately inherit their estate, Faith Westcott turns to piracy in order to amass a fortune that will provide for her and her sisters. Early in her piracy career as the infamous Red Siren, she captures the ship belonging to Captain Dajon Waite.

Several years later, now living in colonial Carolina, Faith's father has arranged for her to marry Sir Wilhelm Carteret, a man she does not love, and a man who will do anything to win her, even plotting to eliminate his competition. It is then that Faith again runs into Captain Waite, the man her father has appointed to be guardian of Faith and her sisters. Still a pirate in secret, Faith recognizes him at once, although he doesn't recognize her. He's a captain in the navy, patrolling the Carolina coast to protect incoming ships from thieving pirates, and very much aware of the infamous Red Siren.

While it starts off a bit slow, and it's completely unrealistic, the book is also quite enthralling. After her mother's death, Faith lost her personal faith and belief in God. Dajon, his life nearly ruined after Faith captures his father's ship, has reclaimed his faith in God.

Predictably, the story follows that Faith and Dajon fall in love. But, what will happen when he discovers her secret? Will her efforts to provide for her sisters ultimately drive them away from her? Faith isn't completely likeable, but she does grow on you. Dajon is too perfect, but he too grows on you as you follow his story. You want these two to finally get together, and the arrogant Sir Wilhelm to finally get what's coming to him!

This was the first MaryLu Tyndall book I've read. The book is left open for sequels of each sister, Grace and Hope. I believe the second book follows later this year.

Thanks to First Wild Card for the opportunity to review this book. You can find out more about MaryLu Tyndall here. You can read the first chapter here. You can get your own copy here.

Read 1/09

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3/5 Stars

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