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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Talking to the Dead...Review

About the book:
Twenty-something Kate Davis can't seem to get this grieving widow thing right. She's supposed to put on a brave face and get on with her life, right? Instead she's camped out on her living room floor, unwashed, unkempt, and unable to sleep-because her husband Kevin keeps talking to her.

Is she losing her mind?
Kate's attempts to find the source of the voice she hears are both humorous and humiliating, as she turns first to an "eclectically spiritual" counselor, then a shrink with a bad toupee, a mean-spirited exorcist, and finally group therapy. There she meets Jack, the warmhearted, unconventional pastor of a ramshackle church, and at last the voice subsides. But when she stumbles upon a secret Kevin was keeping, Kate's fragile hold on the present threatens to implode under the weight of the past. and Kevin begins to shout.

Will the voice ever stop? Kate must confront her grief to find the grace to go on, in this tender, quirky story about second chances.

A terrific, thought-provoking book.

Kate Davis can't move forward after her husband's sudden death. She refuses to go upstairs to their bedroom. She finds even the most mundane, normal activities difficult, and soon finds herself sleeping in the living room, forgetting to shower and unable to sleep. The fact that Kevin keeps talking to her, doesn't help. As Kate tries to figure out why she hears Kevin's voice, she finds herself running from an attempted exorcism by a disturbed pastor, participating in an eclectic group therapy, visiting a psychiatrist's office, and finally, admitted to a mental hospital.

When she meets Jack, a non-traditional pastor of a grassroots church, she begins her return to finding her life again. But, when Kate discovers Kevin's hidden secret and confronts her own, buried memories, her tenuous hold on reality shatters.

As Kate struggles to confront her grief, she wonders if she will ever find the peace she desperately craves, and the ability to gain a second chance at life.

I enjoyed Kate's voice. I read the book in a day, I couldn't put it down! Bonnie Grove has captured grief, and takes you on an incredible journey as you walk through Kate's mind and life with her. As experiences unfold, you hurt for Kate and cheer for her at the same time.

The novel is Christian, but the focus is not at all preachy. In fact, any real mention of Christianity doesn't come until you're well into the story. The themes of betrayal and abortion are mature, but dealt with in a realistic manner.

An interesting, compelling story, and a terrific debut novel. I look forward to reading more from Bonnie.

Thanks to First Wild Card and David C Cook for the opportunity to review this. You can read the first chapter here. You can find out more about Bonnie Grove here. You can get your own copy here.

Read 6/09

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3/5 Stars


  1. Hello :)
    Another book blogger wrote a review of this book yesterday and I had almost bought the book myself but was not sure if I'd actually like it. I had the book in hand and ended up putting it back. It sounds really good though.
    Great review :)

  2. I agree that it was a terrific read.

  3. This is a most excellent review of a teriffic book. I'm reading it for a second time and enjoying it more.

  4. This is one book I'd like to read! I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for a great review. It sounds like an emotional read but one I could get into to.