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I am having vision issues which are terrifying to someone whose work and interests lie in reading and writing. Because of this, I am falling behind in some of my reviewing commitments and ask for your support and patience.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Salon 8/30

School started this week and it couldn't have gone better for each of my boys. Of course, it started Tuesday, and I thought it started Wednesday. Fortunately we went to "Meet the Teacher" night at the elementary school on Monday and they set me straight. Thank goodness!!

We went to the fair on Monday and I remembered why I don't really like the fair. Too hot, too many people, and too many lines. However, the boys loved it and that's what's important.

I caught up on a few books, but I'm still behind on others. Sigh. I had big plans this week to get caught up on all my back reading, but bronchitis fubared that. I've read, but mostly I've rested. Thankfully, I think the meds have kicked in and I'm starting to feel better.

Here's to a better week, this week!

How was your week? Has school started for your kids? Do you like the fair?

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  1. I had a strange pop up ad come up when I visited your blog. I closed out the window and came back and it wasn't there...very strange.

    Hoping that you're feeling better soon. I have had a cough and fear it may be bronchitis, I seem to get it yearly. I am behind on reading also.

    Good thing that you found out the first day of school so you're kids didn't miss! My son doesn't start until after Labor Day this year.

  2. The first few weeks of school are always so tiring until everyone gets used to the routine again. Glad your kids had a good week last week.

  3. The first day of school thing sounds like something I would do :)

    My oldest started back last week too and he had a great week and is looking forward to this week, in another week or two, he'll be bored, but it's good for now.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better - I hate it when I am too worn out to read.

    Our fair is in October so it's usually cooler - there is no way I would go to one now.


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