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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finding Jeena...Review

About the book:
Jeena Gregory thought she'd made it. She has everything a woman could ask for and a budding career promises more. But when rumors around town cast her boss into a shady light, Jeena starts to question her employer's integrity. Was she wrong to trust this man and this job?

When the boss disappears, salaries go unpaid, and Jeena overhears several hush-hush phone calls, she realizes her carefully crafted world is crumbling. Shaken to the core at the threat of losing everything, Jeena is suddenly confronted with her prejudices--and with a God she had long forgotten.

This is a sequel to The Other Daughter, which I haven't read. Jeena was first introduced in that book and several other characters make an appearance in this book. I think that it is in a reader's best interest to have read the The Other Daughter first because then the significance of some of Jeena's behavior in this book might be better understood.

Jeena is incredibly unlikeable and I never really cared about what happened to her. Yes, her abusive childhood is revealed, which is supposed to make her more human and help us to understand her. Yes, she loses all her material possessions and ends up in a shelter where she, predictably, finds her faith and humility again. It all sounds good on paper, but really didn't affect me at all. Even her conversion isn't really enough to redeem her. I finished the book, but could have easily just set it aside.

The book has other great reviews and will appeal to many, especially those who enjoy contemporary Christian fiction. It just wasn't for me.

Thanks to First Wildcard and Cat Hoort from Kregel for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about Miralee Ferrell here. You can read the first chapter hereYou can purchase your own copy here.
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1/5 Stars

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