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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stars Collide...Review

About the book:
Kat Jennings and Scott Murphy don't just play two people who are secretly in love on a television sitcom--they are also head over heels for each other in real life. When the lines between reality and TV land blur, they hope they can keep their relationship under wraps. But when Kat's grandmother, an aging Hollywood starlet with a penchant for wearing elaborate evening gowns from Golden Age movies, mistakes their on-screen wedding proposal for the real deal, things begin to spiral out of their control. Will their secret be front-page news in the tabloids tomorrow? And can their budding romance survive the onslaught of paparazzi, wedding preparations, and misinformed in-laws?

From the sound stage to a Beverly Hills mansion to the gleaming Pacific Ocean,
Stars Collide takes readers on a roller-coaster tour of Tinseltown, packing both comedic punch and tender emotion.

Actors on a television show, Kat and Scott play two people who are secretly in love.  They also happen to be in love with each other in real life, they just haven't admitted it quite yet.  As their television characters find themselves headed toward the altar, Kat and Scott find themselves headed into the uncharted territory of misunderstandings and confusion.  Kat's beloved grandmother Lenora, herself a former movie star, has raised her and wants nothing more than to see her granddaughter married.  In the early stages of memory loss, Lenora confuses the television wedding with real life and hilarity ensues.

Janice Thompson just writes fun books.  They're clean, Christian and funny with quirky, endearing characters.  I loved Kat and Scott and I adored Lenora. The interactions between Kat and her grandmother were funny, yet tender and poignant.  This is a light story, but serious issues are covered and treated with appropriate respect.  The Christian elements are strong, but not overly preachy and it's refreshing to see a Hollywood based story with strong aspects of faith.  Lenora's quirkiness was charming and the movie quoting entertaining.

First in the Backstage Pass series, I have book two waiting in the wings!

Thanks to my local library for having a copy I could borrow.  You can purchase your own copy here.

Read  9/11

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4/5 Stars


  1. I still need to read book #2 in this series - glad you enjoyed this one! Did you read the Weddings by Bella series? If not you should check it out, I really enjoyed them!

  2. I have this book sitting around waiting for me to read - and I cannot wait. =)

    Ruth, you are SO right about the "Weddings by Bella" series - those books are HILARIOUS! =D Such a great sense of humor, although it wasn't as pleasent for me because it was written in the first person; that isn't my favorite genre.

  3. Great review! I`m reading this for sure!