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Monday, June 4, 2012

Tortilla Flat...Review

About the book:
Adopting the structure and themes of the Arthurian legend, Steinbeck created a "Camelot" on a shabby hillside above Monterey on the California coast and peopled it with a colorful band of knights. As Steinbeck chronicles their thoughts and emotions, temptations and lusts, he spins a tale as compelling, and ultimately as touched by sorrow, as the famous legends of the Round Table.

It's been a long time since I've read Steinbeck and this was one of his books I had never looked at, but I love Monterey.  So, I picked this up at the library and seriously?  I wish I had those two hours back.

Sure, the time period was difficult and the Depression affected everyone regardless where they lived or their ethnicity.  But, there's nothing redeeming about any character here.  There is nothing compelling about the story and no reason for me to even want to write a review about it.

I'm sure that there are English teachers out there who glory in having their students review drivel like this, but I can think of a lot more books more worthy of my time.

Read 6/12

1/5 Stars



  1. For someone who reads as much as I do,I've read remarkably few of the "classics" because all to often when I do, I end up with thoughts like that.

  2. I really disliked this book for the same reasons that you mentioned. It's just very hard to read a book when you don't sympathize with any of the characters.