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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Weekend Reflections 9/2

Looking outside...it's sunny with a smoky haze from fires burning in Montana. Current temp is 72 with a projected high of 97. I'm so ready for fall.

Listening...to the boys watching Guardians of the Galaxy. The Doctor is taking a nap, because he was up late last night and then up uber early this morning for the Balloon Classic.

Loving...that school has started and The Artist is doing well. Junior year is fun because he gets to take lots of electives. He has Theater, Theater-tech, Photography and Art, in addition to English, Seminary and Library Aide. 

Thinking...that I will likely go watch the movie with the boys. 

In my kitchen...I think we'll do Shepherd's Pie for dinner. I only put the potatoes on half of it and then it's fairly Keto friendly for The Doctor. I'm having a Crio Bru right now. Love that stuff.

Wearing...denim skirt and tan shirt. No shoes.

Reading...what's that again? 

Today...some laundry. Some billing for the office. Picking up a birthday gift for my niece.

This morning we went over to The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. It was early, and still dark when we left, but so worth it to see the balloons launch. My cousin and her family met us there. So many beautiful colors and designs and it was stunning to see 30+ balloons all rise at the same time. Just breathtaking. And so many pleasant people out with their families.

Quoting...“Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” ― Daryn Kagan


I've had to deal with healthcare organizations this week and it's been incredibly disheartening. "Yes, we made a clerical error that will cost you an extra $300+ this month, and I am so very sorry, but we can't change it." I appreciate that you "escalated it as far as I could" and I believe you when you say, "I am so sorry", but that doesn't help me in this moment. You escalated it to people who sit in their little gilded offices and don't care about the people they are, in theory, supposed to help. 

How do you work for a healthcare company and still have ethics and morals and care about others? I honestly don't think it's possible if all you do is sit in an office. Doctors and nurses on the front lines? Yeah, they see the people and they care. You sheltered people in your pretty offices have no freaking clue. You just care about money.

I'm also heartsick for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. It's so devastating. I am frustrated at those who insist on politicizing natural disasters. It doesn't matter what kind of shoes the first lady wore to get on the plane and any reporter who made it into a story just drove home the idea that journalists are biased and not to be trusted. 

It doesn't matter that a man of one race rescued a woman of a different race. What matters? What matters is that the south was hit with a devastating hurricane. There are people who lost everything. And the important thing is that communities and people came together to help and serve each other, which is what good people do. 

We don't need to point out the assumed political party of those responders. We don't need to post pictures and make obvious comments on the race of those helping and those being helped. Who cares? Seriously. Who cares? What difference does it make? It should make no difference.

The best thing to come out of this is what I expected. America is great. America is full of great people who may disagree politically, but who can still get along and look past any perceived differences and only see their fellow men and women. Not everything is as it is portrayed by the media, by relatively few people who give peaceful protesters a bad name. 

With this disaster, America proved again that we are strong when we work together, and America proved that journalists and loud mouths on social media don't try to show that strength as a rule. They just want to sow discord and improve ratings to further their twisted agendas. On both sides.

Planning...plans for the upcoming week. Plans for business opportunities. 

Gratitude...for air conditioning, for family, for time together. For friends. For good people in this world who outnumber the bad.

From my world... 

I think this will become a new, annual tradition.

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?

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  1. Our healthcare system is a mess and I don't think anyone in the government addresses the problems that really and truly affect us.

    There used to be a balloon festival in our little town and it was so much fun.