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Be Kind. Do Good. Love is a Verb.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weekend Reflections 9/16

Looking outside...it's sunny but cool. Blessedly cool. Currently 48 with a projected high of 67. I am in heaven.  

Listening...to The Artist and The Doctor in the office together talking. The Boy worked late and is still asleep.

Loving...the cooler weather. Bliss. Absolute bliss.

Thinking...that I'm not thinking. 

In my kitchen...We are going out to dinner with friends, which means the boys likely get pizza. 

Wearing...black skirt, tan shirt and green SWEATER!!!!!

Reading...what's that again? 

Today...some laundry. Some billing for the office. The Doctor is taking the boys to get haircuts later. I'm thinking about a nap.

This morning we went and helped clean our church building. We have the opportunity to that a couple of times a year. It's always early on a Saturday, but it's a privilege to serve and I love serving with people I know and like.

The Artist has lawns to mow later, once the morning dew has dried on the lawns.

Quoting...“I am Groot". -- Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy


I am so tired of politics. I am so tired of people looking for ways to be offended. I am tired of the media spinning news and misleading headlines. Why is it that we focus on the negative? Why is it that we always look to complain? Why is it that we look to find fault?

Look for the good in the world, in other people. Don't assume there is an angle. Don't take offense when there is likely none meant.

Be kind, do good. Love is a verb.

Planning...there is always something on the horizon. There is always something to work for and look forward to.

Gratitude...for cooler weather and sweaters. For sons who kiss my forehead and give me random hugs in the kitchen. For laughing together. For my family. They are my world. 

From my world... 

The Doctor's birthday is tomorrow. There is so much I appreciate about him. The Boy helped me change up our hanging Scrabble board to reflect him.

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?

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