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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New Year's Quilt...Review

This book picks up where The Quilter's Legacy left off. Sylvia and Andrew married on Christmas Eve, and then set off to visit his daughter who is opposed to their marriage. Along the way, Sylvia works on her New Years Quilt and remembers past New Years Eves.

While much of Sylvia's experiences have been told in other books, this one does add some additional dimensions to those stories. For one, you learn about Sylvia's regrets in leaving Elm Creek Manor the first time, and her regret at never reconciling with her sister, who apparently had attempted to find her.

Reading the rest of the series is not a requirement for enjoying this book although, if you have read the others, this will simply provide a richer understanding of Sylvia and her life. Like the others preceding it, everything wraps up neatly in a bundle of quilted fabric.

Read 3/08

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3/5 Stars

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