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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Call Me Francis Tucket...Review by the Boy

About the book:
Alone. Francis Tucket now feels more confident that he can handle almost anything. A year ago, on the wagon train, he was kidnapped from his family by a Pawnee hunting party. Then he escaped with the help of the mountain man, Mr. Grimes. Now that he and Mr. Grimes have parted ways, Francis is heading west on his Indian pony, crossing the endless prairie, trying to find his family.

After a year with Mr. Grimes, Francis has learned to live by the harsh code of the wilderness. He can cause a stampede, survive his own mistakes, and face up to desperadoes. But when he rescues a little girl and her younger brother, Francis takes on more than he bargained for.

Another terrific review from E, my avid 11-year old reader. He dictated it so, for the most part, these are his words.
At the end of the first book, Francis' friend, Mr. Grimes has killed a famous Pawnee Warrior, named Raid, in a fight. (Raid was going to kill Mr. Grimes anyway.) Francis is mad that Mr. Grimes killed the Indian and goes off on his own. Francis learns that he doesn’t want to be mountain man like Mr. Grimes.

Francis heads to Oregon to find his family. When he is hunting, he finds two kids named Lottie and Billy. They were part of a different wagon train and their dad got Cholera and they had to go off on their own. Their dad when looking for food and never came back, because he died. Francis actually finds his body.

Francis takes the kids with him, but it's hard for him to take care of them. They meet a farmer who offers to keep Lottie and Billy, so they can work for him. They thought he was a nice man and wanted to stay. Francis offers to stay, but the man says he doesn't need his help. After Francis leaves, he realizes that the man probably wasn't very nice. When he goes back to get them, he finds out that the man was beating Lottie and Billy, because they weren't working hard enough. Francis takes the kids away again.

They can't go straight to Oregon from Louisiana, so they take a different route and end up in Mexico, and almost get hanged by a Mexican border chief. A nice guard lets them go free and that's how this story ends.

This is book 2 in a five book series. This was a really good book. It was exciting, with never a dull moment, just like the first one.
Personal copy.

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