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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Serotonin Power Diet...Review by the Doctor

About the book:
Putting more than 30 years of groundbreaking research to work, renowned scientist Judith Wurtman, PhD, and her colleague, Nina T. Frusztajer, MD, present a clinically proven 12-week program that uses the power of carbohydrates to help you to:

* Activate the appetite-suppressant function of serotonin to stop weight gain
* Regain control over emotional overeating and cravings
* Lose up to 2 pounds of real weight—not water—per week
* Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The Serotonin Power Diet is the only weight loss plan that will help you lose weight while being treated with the antidepressants and related medications that provoke overeating.

Easy and economical, with more than 75 delicious recipes, The Serotonin Power Diet is the natural solution to weight loss and maintenance for everyone who has ever thought their cravings could never be satisfied.

Have you ever heard the joke about ‘Paxil’ – which is one of the original antidepressants that came out with Prozac? It’s not really a joke, more of a truth in jest. Most MDs that I know don’t call it ‘Paxil’ – they call it “Packs-On”, because when someone starts taking Paxil there is often a tendency to put on weight, and a lot of it.

If you knew the number of people in America who are taking one of these “SSRI” drugs, you’d probably be shocked and surprised. Chances are that you know several – if they admitted it. Well, these drugs have a tendency to make people eat, eat and eat even more.

The authors of this book have recognized this, and show the way to avoid ‘packing on’ while taking these drugs. More than that, they’ll show how that weight that has been gained can be lost.

The plan outlined in this book is not a ‘miracle cure’. It takes effort, patience and a little bit of discipline, but it’s worth it. If you, or someone you know, is taking an antidepressant and is starting to notice some weight gain, this book is the intervention needed to reverse that tide, and get you on a healthier life path.

Great book, great research and great timing – it’s never been more needed.

Thanks to Caitlin Price of FSB Associates for the opportunity to review this book. You can learn more about The Serotonin Power Diet here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

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