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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekend Reflections 12/15

Looking outside...it's cold and a bit overcast.

Listening...to the silence.  It's early and the house is still.

Loving...birthday wishes and feeling special and loved.

Thinking...about the tragedy in Connecticut.  As a parent, it just hits you right in the heart.  I hate seeing headlines that autism was partly to blame or that gun control is the answer.  Connecticut has some of the most restrictive laws and gun bans won't stop senseless violence and autism isn't a mental disorder.  My heart is very tender thinking about those children and families.

In my kitchen...deciding where to go for dinner because it's my birthday!

Wearing...black slacks, a pink turtleneck and gray sweater.

Needing...a bit more sleep.  Tomorrow I can sleep in and it will be lovely.

Reading...The Art Forger, by B. A. Shapiro

Today...some errands, shopping, visiting and then my birthday dinner.

Hoping...to make some time to keep working on the recharter for scouts.

Planning...for next few days of my mom's visit and feeling so blessed to have her with us.

Gratitude...for the ~200 lbs of beef I picked up from the butcher that is now in my freezer and I am grateful to my mom for her help in defrosting it today.

From my world...my sassy new orange mixer.  A birthday/christmas gift from my mom.  I love it!

What about you?  What are you reflecting on today?


  1. How my heart aches for those families in Connecticut! I can't watch the news without crying. Makes me think of the two shootings in Montreal, especially the one at Dawson College a few years ago.

  2. Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday Dear Holly
    Happy Birthday To You

    Love that mixer!! I want me one!

  3. I enjoyed your Weekend Reflections. Happy Birthday. Enjoy the holidays!

  4. Happy Belated birthday!! I hope you had a great day. I love your new mixer! Love that color. It's so bright and happy. Everyone needs some happiness right now.

  5. Happy belated birthday, Holly! That mixer is fun and retro!