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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekend Reflections 12/8

Looking outside...it's cold, wicked cold.  And it snowed for the first time this year.

Listening...to the boys watching some television.

Loving...my fireplace and having someone to snuggle with in front of it.

Thinking...that just listening to The Suite Life on Deck kills your brain cells and I should outlaw it because it's witless, shallow and inane.

In my kitchen...deciding what to have for dinner. Maybe we'll eat out!

Wearing...black slacks and a red turtleneck.

Needing...to pay some bills.

Reading...Crossing on the Paris, by Dana Gynther

Today...we have an outdoor family photo shoot scheduled and now I need to decide if we do it anyway because of the snow.  I think we will.

Hoping...to work on the Recharter for scouts because it's due next week.

Planning...for next week when my Mom comes to visit. Yay!!

Gratitude...that my car stays in the garage and I don't have to scrape ice and snow off the windows.

From my world...did you know that Santa doesn't really fly in a sleigh.  He flies on a pterodactyl.

What about you?  What are you reflecting on today?


  1. wow - snow already! It has been unusually warm here for the past week and it doesn't feel very festive.

  2. I hope you like Crossing on the Paris! I enjoyed it. Stay warm. :)

  3. I live in Montreal and it's finally supposed to snow tonight. My kids miss the snow. It's late this year. Well, actually, it's been raining because the weather is unseasonably warm.

  4. I'm feeling unwell today, and it's summer, very unfair so am reflecting on the unfairness of summer colds!

  5. Well, of course. I should have known about Santa flying on a pterodactyl. How could anyone have missed that?