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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Reflections 2/23

Looking outside...the sun is shining and there was a dusting of snow last night.  The forecast was rain, but I guess it got cold!

Listening...silence. The boys are still asleep and The Doctor is at the office.

Loving...a warm home, turtlenecks and sweaters, thick socks and sunshine in winter.

Thinking...it's too early.  I'm not sure I'm actually thinking yet.

In my kitchen...a cup of hot chocolate and no idea about dinner or anything else.

Wearing...red and black jammies.

Needing...to do a really good clean around the house.  I've been working on a big editing project I do every year and other things get neglected.

Reading...Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate.

Today...editing, editing, editing.

still hoping to get in some reading time.  I'm way behind in the reading.

Planning...for the next week, always. I can't believe February is nearly over.

Gratitude...for family and for my husband and sons who pick up the slack when I'm on an editing deadline.

From my world...snow, snow, snow.

What about you?  What are you reflecting on today?


  1. It's a quiet, cold weekend here, too. Here's hoping spring arrives soon :-)

    I hope your editing goes well and that you manage to get some reading time in!

  2. I'm reading Firefly Island too! Loving it so far!

  3. Good luck with the editing and enjoy your weekend :)