Sea Creatures...Review...DNF

About the book:
When Georgia returns to her hometown of Miami, her toddler son and husband in tow, she is hoping for a fresh start. They have left Illinois trailing scandal and disappointment in their wake: Graham's sleep disorder has cost him his tenure at Northwestern; Georgia's college advising business has gone belly up; and three-year old Frankie is no longer speaking. Miami feels emptier without Georgia's mother, who died five years earlier, but her father and stepmother offer a warm welcome-as well as a slip for the dilapidated houseboat Georgia and Graham have chosen to call home. And a position studying extreme weather patterns at a prestigious marine research facility offers Graham a professional second chance.

When Georgia takes a job as an errand runner for an artist who lives alone in the middle of Biscayne Bay, she's surprised to find her life changes dramatically. Time spent with the intense hermit at his isolated home might help Frankie gain the courage to speak, it seems. And it might help Georgia reconcile the woman she was with the woman she has become.

But when Graham leaves to work on a ship in Hurricane Alley and the truth behind Frankie's mutism is uncovered, the family's challenges return, more complicated than before. Late that summer, as a hurricane bears down on South Florida, Georgia must face the fact that her choices have put her only child in grave danger.

Sea Creatures is a mesmerizing exploration of the high stakes of marriage and parenthood, the story of a woman coming into her own as a mother, forced to choose between her marriage, her child, and the possibility of new love.

There are some books that sound more appealing in the promotional write-ups and this was one of them. The potential topic of marriage and parenthood and choices sounded compelling.  Unfortunately, the novel didn't grasp my attention, I didn't like the characters and I just couldn't get into the story enough to care. Ultimately, I have better things to do than read a book that I must force myself to finish. However, I've seen many other positive reviews though and you can see some for yourself in the links below.

Thanks to TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to review this book.  You can learn more about Susanna Daniel here.  You can see other, more positive reviews and tour stops here.  You can purchase your own copy here.

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  1. I loved Stiltsville so I'm disappointed to see this didn't work for you.

  2. Too bad. The premise sounds good but not every book is for every reader.

  3. Darn, I'm sorry you couldn't get into this one, but thanks for giving it a shot for the tour.


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