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Thursday, February 11, 2016

#CoverCrush : The Things We Keep

I will freely admit that I judge books by their covers. The cover is usually what first captures my attention when browsing Goodreads or Netgalley. Actually, in all honesty, it isn't just usually, it's pretty much all the time. The cover determines if I look at the synopsis and reviews.

I love this cover for so many reasons. The colors stand out and the simplicity garners it a second look. I wonder if the bow is significant to the story and why the title is all lower case. Is that fabric or paper?

I have this book in my TBR stack and I'm looking forward to learning whether the cover gives away any clues to the story.

What about you? Any book covers capture your attention this week?

Cover Crush is a weekly series that originated with Erin at Flashlight Commentary. Click over to see the gorgeous cover she shared as well as Bookaholic Swede.


  1. I think the lower case letters are just trendy now--and I don't like them (the grammar nerd in me).