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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekend Reflections 5/14

Looking outside....it's cloudy with a chance of rain. Currently 61. Highs to be in the mid 80s.

Listening...to silence. Except it's never truly silent is it? I can hear the filter on The Artist's fish tank. The water distiller in the kitchen and the neighbor's lawn mower.

Loving...I saw Captain America Civil War twice last weekend. Best. Superhero. Movie. Ever. 

Thinking...that I can't believe The Boy is done with High School and will graduate!  

In my kitchen...The Doctor fixed my oven! But tonight we're doing family dinner out for my niece's birthday.

Wearing...black turtleneck and blue BSU pajama pants.

Annoying...Stupid executives at ABC canceled Agent Carter. Morons.

Needing...to finish my transcription tape and editing project. I finally received the last papers that need to be included in the proceedings. 

Reading...Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford. Haven't finished it yet.

Today...Addressing The Boy's graduation announcements.

Quoting..."Give me back my Rhodey!"--Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Planning...the week. We're going to a wedding reception on the other side of the state and also doing a college tour with The Boy.

Gratitude...for good friends. For fun lunches and laughter and connecting with each other.

From my world... 

My Mother's Day flowers from The Doctor. So cute!

What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?

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