The Time Key...Spotlight

About the book:
Stanley Becker’s wife and daughter had been dead for six years, as was the reason that he so desperately wished to end his life, but on the night that a stranger left him with an odd pocket watch he was introduced into a world he could only have imagined in stories.

He now has a way to travel through time.

But traveling isn’t as simple as it seems, and Stanley soon finds that despite his wish to change past events, there are other dangers awaiting him. Having left Stanley with the pocket watch, along with a mysterious child, the stranger from that fateful night had only triggered the first chain of events that would force our reluctant protagonist to discover the fragility of his own reality as he fights for his life and attempts to write his own future.


About the author:
Melanie Bateman is a freelance illustrator whose passion for nature and pretty pictures will sometimes translate into written stories. When she isn’t daydreaming, she enjoys being a mom. The Time Key is her first novel.


Thanks to the author and Cedar Fort for the opportunity to spotlight this book. You can learn more about Melanie on her website and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase your own copy here.


  1. I like time traveler books. What did you think about it?

  2. This sounds like fun. (And I really like the cover!) Thanks for sharing. :)


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