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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Books I Have Forgotten

Each month I revisit some of my past reviews. One of the reasons I started this book blog was to remember what books I have read. My memory isn't the greatest anymore and I found that I would read a book and then not remember if I liked it or what it was even about.

Maybe one of these will prompt you to seek out an older, but amazing book. Or, if you've read one of these and your review was different, please share!


My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock
4/5 Stars

"While the book sounded fascinating, my first reaction was that it would be an excuse to capitalize on the whole, I'm-going-to-do-something-related-to-someone-famous-and-then-write-a-book-about it thing. I had no idea who Noelle Hancock was when I started reading this book. I don't follow celebrity/gossip blogs or magazines. I don't read US Magazine in print or online. I don't even watch television, so I don't always recognize celebrities anyway.

I was so happy to find this to be an engaging and inspiring memoir. Noelle is honest in admitting her fears and her faults. So much of what she writes, I can relate to and understand. I was once confident, but often I now find myself timid and unable to believe in my abilities."

I wish I remembered reading this book. Shoot, I want to read it again now!

Left at the Altar 
by Julie N. Ford
4/5 Stars

"Left at the altar, aspiring country singer Kelly Grace Pickens attempts to put her life back together. When her television producer cousin invites her to be a contestant on a reality show, Kelly agrees simply because she needs the money. After comparing herself to the conniving, beautiful women on the show, she's convinced she won't last. Kelly's plans change when she makes an impression upon bachelor Dillon Black and she finds herself presented with rose after rose and invited back time and time again. As the show progresses, Kelly finds herself torn between affection for her absent fiance and a new-found attraction for Dillon.

I'm not a fan of reality television and I've never seen an episode of The Bachelor so I have no idea how the show works. But, using it as a setting for Kelly's story was a lot of fun. There were laugh out loud funny parts and tender, poignant parts as well. While I realize the focus of the story is on Kelly and her self discovery, I wish there had been more development of Dillon and his past/family history. I think a sequel is definitely in order here! This was, quite simply, a delightfully fun novel. It's a clean, funny Christian romance and a story that I can wholeheartedly recommend! "

This is another one that I wish I could remember reading.

Next to Love by Ellen Feldman
2/5 Stars

"The novel is rich historically and provides a perspective of World War 2 that is interesting: what happens to those left behind and how does everyone adapt when the war is finally over? And, while there are moments of drama and heartache, the story itself was disappointing and rather lackluster. Present tense narration is always frustrating to me and I don't think it helped the story. Why do authors write in present tense anyway? I have yet to read a book written in the present tense where that tense actually made the book better. I think, in part, it was the narrative that kept me from connecting with the characters and ultimately I felt it was a story that tried too hard to please."

Present tense as a narrative is almost a guarantee that I won't love the story.


What about you? What are some of the books you've read in previous years?

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  1. Oh, I loved My Year With Eleanor! It's definitely a book worth rereading. :)