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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Wrap-Up

As near as I can tell, I read and reviewed 160 books in 2011.  Of those, 5 were DNF.  I wanted to beat my 2010 record of 163 and if you count the books I re-read, I definitely went over that number.  But, 160 new books this year is still just over 3 books per week, so I guess it is an accomplishment.  I've gotten a little burnt out on scheduled book tours and reading for deadlines, so it will be interesting in 2012 to see what the number is.

Some of my absolute favorites:

The Colonel's Lady
Paradise Valley

Blessed: Living a Grateful Life
Unexpected Love

Life Without Limits
The Violets of March

The Little Women Letters
The Kitchen Daughter

(dis)Abilities and the Gospel
Remembering Christmas

Some not so favorites:

How to Love an American Man
Best Staged Plans

The Arrivals
The Last Letter

Next to Love
Mrs. Tom Thumb

True disappointments:

None But You/For You Alone

Thanks for stopping by this past year.  Thanks for your comments and suggestions.  Here's to a fantastic 2012 and many more good book discoveries!


  1. It's a good idea to point out the disappointments as well as your favourite books, something I hadn't thought of doing.

    I enjoyed The Little Women Letters as well this year, it's such a fun read.

  2. The Kitchen Daughter was on my best list too. I'm kind of over reading for deadlines too. Except for my book club books, I think I'll only do it occasionally this year. Happy New Year!

  3. 160+ !!!! Amazing. Thank you for all your great reviews.

  4. Congrats on your reading totals...that is something to proud of! My goal is to hit 100 books read...someday:) I am refocusing my reading and my blog this year and am reading what I choose. The Kitchen Daughter was a favorite of mine this year as well. I have several of your favorites on my TBR shelves and I'm glad that you enjoyed them. Happy New Year Holly!!

  5. Funny how you and I read many of the same books and often agree about them, yet the only one of your favorites that I read this year was Walsh's and while I enjoyed it, it was nowhere near the top of my list.

  6. 160 books?!! Wow, that's amazing. I made it to 95 - down from 100 the year before. Big year though. I became a grandma for the first time and planned a wedding for another child.
    The Violets of March is on my list to read very soon.

  7. I haven't read any of your bests. I'm sorry to see the Captain Wentworths on your list of disappointments. I've been looking forward to reading them. Wishing you all the best in 2012!

  8. Holly! I'm so blessed you enjoyed TCL! That means so much to me, especially given that you read so much. I'm humbled and honored. Thanks so much for being a reading friend!! Praying 2012 is your best reading year yet:)

  9. I'm interested in reading Life Without Limits. Nick came to Malaysia years ago, but I missed the chance to hear him speak... watch the video though, and it was inspiring. :)

  10. Whoa. Amazing stats!!!

    The Kitchen Daughter was one I loved this year too. I just loved Ginny, the girl with Asperger's. I recommended it to my book club as well and the majority of them really liked it (a couple had some issues with it but I think it had more to do with their taste in books rather than with this particular book).

    Glad to see it made your list! I've seen it on a couple other lists, too.

  11. I'm reading the Kitchen Daughter now. I finally got (almost) to the bottom of the review stack. I'm another one who is re-evaluating my reading.